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Why I Write

While teaching K and 1st grades for six years, I fell in love with writing for and with children. Although I had enjoyed writing from a young age, and taken creative writing classes in college, it was teaching the process of writing to young kids that changed things. There is nothing like a harmony of 20-some busy bodies in various stages of a Writer's Workshop where kids are learning to share their own stories.

Now I share the magic of writing with my own two young boys (and soon will with my baby daughter), and devote my time to creating stories with the goal of bringing joy and connection to children.


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More about me

I grew up in Washington, DC, met my husband while living in North Carolina, and now live in Falls Church, VA. I am Catholic, love animals (the picture is of my dog Sandy who passed away one week after my daughter's birth), listen to mostly country and alternative music, and being outdoors.


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I live in an old (early 20th century) house that a railroad conductor built. He would walk right out each morning to his railroad in the front yard and travel. Near or far, meeting all sorts of people with different agendas, all coming or going. I aim to embody that sense of journey. Even when you can't physically travel far, you can listen deeply to those around you and the voices in diverse books.

I also love to plant things.



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"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau